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battlefield n : a region where a battle is being (or has been) fought; "they made a tour of Civil War battlefields" [syn: battleground, field of battle, field of honor, field]

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battle + field


  1. The field where a land battle is or was fought.
    1886 The night of the 16th of May found McPherson's command bivouacked from two to six miles west of the battlefield, along the line of the road to Vicksburg — Ulysses S. Grant, Personal memoirs of U.S. Grant, Chapter 35.


field of a land battle
  • Czech: bojiště
  • Finnish: taistelukenttä
  • French: champ de bataille
  • German: Schlachtfeld
  • Icelandic: vígvöllur
  • Serbian: bojište
  • Slovak: bojisko

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A battlefield is the location of a battle. Battlefield may also refer to:
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DMZ, aceldama, battle line, battle site, battleground, combat area, combat zone, enemy line, field, field of battle, field of blood, firing line, front line, killing ground, landing beach, line, line of battle, seat of war, shambles, the front, theater, theater of operations, theater of war, zone of communications
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